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Office Expansion

Office relocation and expansion project

What We Did

We were tasked to migrate the existing customer office IT infrastructure and install into a new location. The scope included PMO project management, installation and configuration of all hardware and network equipment, including rack, cabling, and ISP services.

How We Actually Did It

Weekly in-person and online meetings with all members including the client, on-site builders and the client IT team based in Hong Kong. Through regular meetings with the IT Hong Kong team, we were able to manage the sequence of the move without any downtime, while securing all sensitive data during the system migration.

We negotiated with a local ISP provider to accelerate the timeline on getting connected down to only 2 weeks. Coordinated with the building team and security people to ensure the facilities required were complete on time and before the actual infrastructure equipment was moved. Phone services were also organized and rerouted with the use of Microsoft Teams.

What Was the Impact on the Business?

The business had outgrown their existing office and the new office allowed for further growth. Downtime from the migration was minimised to the point where any negatives impacts were negligible. Sysamic were also able to increase security on a number of their proprietary electronic parts and improved network speed for further efficiency.

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