Implement Cegid Retail Y2 end-to-end Unified Retail System with Sysamic

Cegid Retail

Cegid Retail Y2 is an all-inclusive, end-to-end omnichannel point-of-sale system. In the age of connected retail and consumers, Cegid Retail Y2’s modular, integrated, and customer-centric design aids merchants in managing their organizations and optimizing customers’ buying experiences.

Capabilities of Cegid Retail Y2

  • Multi-platform mobile devices for mobility
  • Excellent user experience that is simple to use, efficient, and intuitive
  • Being modular allows for deployment in accordance with company priorities.
  • Flexibility – procedures modified by turning on new features or corporate policies
  • Secure data sharing via web services, as well as transparency and compatibility
  • Integrated reporting and analysis with custom dashboards and reports that are made to order
  • Cloud services that are offered in SaaS or on-premises
  • Internationally scalable and multilingual solutions

Omnichannel retailing anywhere, anytime, on any device with Cegid Retail Y2

As part of an omnichannel strategy, Cegid Retail Y2 manages all consumer interactions regardless of where they take place, whenever they do, and via whatever device.

  • Items reserved or purchased online, taken out of stock, and picked up in-store
  • Items ordered online, taken out of stock centrally, and delivered to the customer’s house or a pick-up location
  • Items bought in-store, subtracted from the shop or central inventory, and delivered to a location of choice or to a customer’s house
  • Internet-ordered items that were returned to a store

Retailers can execute an omnichannel strategy with the aid of Cegid Retail Y2. As a result of Cegid Retail Y2’s service-oriented architecture, a single central database is used across all channels and updated in real time with information about customers, items, prices, and sales.

Consistent purchasing experiences are ensured by a single view in real-time.

Cegid Retail Y2 ensures a consistent shopping experience both online and offline by fully integrating all data from all channels in real time. For customers to have a smooth shopping experience, reliable data on inventories, prices, product catalogs, purchase histories, and loyalty are essential. The multi-device omnichannel POS from Cegid, the Shopping application, is the ideal front-end tool to give you a unified perspective of your company.

Store and Omnichannel

Cegid Retail streamlines your retail operations and gives sales associates greater autonomy so that you may increase efficiency and productivity in-store, from checkout to customer service.

Management of Order
From a centralized dashboard, manage customer orders from online, in-store, and omnichannel channels. Customers appreciate encounters that are personalized, which lowers service and order processing expenses.

Store Operations
Manage your store with a customizable dashboard that is constantly updated to provide a full picture of sales compared to target, stock levels, and employee performance.

HR Administration
Organize personnel shifts and schedules, and oversee payroll and commissions for sales targets. Track the success of sales representatives by analyzing their digital fingerprints and logging their actions.

Manage your offline and online business activities with ease while adhering to regional commercial, regulatory, and tax standards.

Designed to Prevent Fraud
To help prevent and eliminate in-store fraud, this service offers access limitations, secured transactions, customer and POS data, suspicious behavior flags, and regulatory compliance.


Inventory Control
Gain a real-time perspective of inventories and take advantage of the advantages of centralized stock management to ensure product availability and seize sales opportunities.

Movement Monitoring
Stock statuses are instantaneously updated, allowing network-wide control of omnichannel inventory, whether they be online reservations, items on hold in stores, consignment items, or items in route.

Optimizing stock rotation
In order to maximize full-price sales and boost profitability, firms can use Cegid Retail to optimize inventory and replenish in response to client demand, minimizing stock shortages or overstocking.

Regulation and supply

The capabilities you require to oversee your company’s performance, enhance decision-making, and boost sales and profitability are all included in Cegid Retail management systems. To hasten the transition of your company to unified commerce, manage the estate of your stores, streamline the management of your inventory and goods, and make wise decisions. Online sales, inventory, and customer data that are centrally managed provide a 360-degree perspective of your organization and rapid access to crucial indicators.

Retail Administration Central
Set up the organizational, legal, and related parameters. supports retail establishments such as shops, concessions, pop-up shops, and controls the creation of new surroundings and the dissemination of system and product data to devices.

Management of Product Data
From concept to launch, oversee the construction of your product offer. Product catalogs can be created, imported, and managed. New offers may be implemented quickly with the ability to respond and change them thanks to Y2.

Pricing and Sales Promotions
Designing and implementing promotional offers across multiple channels is simple. Operate your business or recreate it in both straightforward and complex settings. Manage the trigger conditions, quantity or amount requirements, and advertising incentives.


Utilize the customer insights dashboard to get a comprehensive understanding of your customers. You may fine-tune the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives across all channels and boost ROI by using granular segmentation of customer profiles and behaviour.

Forecasts and Budgets
Using historical data, define, create, and monitor budgets for individual stores, salespeople, and products. Track your obligations to buy. Manage the margins, production, logistics, and allocation.

Control and Finance
Create accounting entries, optimize margins, and model and track cost prices. Data for general ledger and analytical accounts is coded, processed, and exported as part of the finance link.

Revenue and Stock
Make sure you have the ideal product in the ideal quantity at the ideal moment. Adjust multichannel sales forecasts as needed and rely on a “just-in-time” strategy. Restocking and replenishment are based on predetermined rules; manage consignments from suppliers and the warehouse.

Purchasing and Resupply
Manage supplier interactions, paperwork, and file transfer. On the basis of sales predictions, customer orders, and inventory, optimize stock levels derived from suppliers or internal production using a variety of calculating techniques and chosen rules and automatically generate buy proposals. 

Distribution and Logistics
Improve your shipping procedure, from receiving to loading for transportation, as well as the allocation of inventory. Within logistical restrictions, simulate, prioritize, and automatically distribute goods to various sales channels. Maintain control over the flow of supplies coming from the warehouse and managing priority depletion.

Consumer Intelligence
a full, ready-to-use business tool made up of three components dashboard, foundation, and plugins. The dashboard offers web or mobile views of retail, wholesale, CRM, and supply; Foundation offers data in OLAP format for use with Excel or multi-dimensional analysis tools; Plugins make it easier to integrate with other data sources. A customizable web dashboard makes KPIs, actionable cubes, and more than 80 operational reports available to aid in better decision-making at every level of your business.


Tell us more about Sysamic.

Sysamic K.K is a Retail Tech company based in Japan and we have successfully helped 100+ North American and European businesses and their local Japanese affiliates, stores, branches and companies to implement ERP, POS and CRM solutions including Cegid Retail Y2.

Why is collaborating with a Japanese company essential for Cegid Retail Y2 implementation?  

You will need local tech expertise in Japan, who can understand your local needs, language, culture, compliance, operations, and project methodologies. Japanese branches of North American and European enterprises are required to follow certain local norms and standards which may be difficult to comply with. Here is where Sysamic, with its decades of experience, comes into the picture.

How much does it cost to implement Cegid Retail Y2 in Japan? What are your rates?

This depends on the requirements and the entire implementation scope. Cegid Retail Y2 implementation is always a complex project given Japan’s complex and distinct accounting systems. However, we assure you our rates are way more affordable than most other Cegid Retail Y2 implementation companies in Japan.

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