6 Reasons To Consider Cegid Retail Live Store

  1. Deliver seamless shopping experience

    Cegid’s retail management system is designed to manage all omnichannel shopping scenarios, from click and collect to ship from store, online returns and endless aisle. By integrating all of these channels into a single platform, retailers can provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, regardless of how they chose to shop.

    i) Click and collect: With Cegid’s retail management system, retailers can offer the option of ordering the products online or collecting them in-store for the customers. Through Cegid’s point of sale and inventory management modules, it allows retailers to manage the entire process, from order fulfillment to customer pickup.

    ii) Ship from store: Cegid enables retailers to fulfill online orders from their physical store locations, known as ship from store. This allows retailers to leverage their existing inventory and logistics infrastructure to fulfill online orders quickly and efficiently.

    iii) Online returns : Cegid’s retail management system simplifies the online returns process for customers by enabling them to initiate and track their returns online. This reduces friction and improves customer satisfaction, while also providing retailers with better visibility into their returns processes.

    iv) Endless Aisle: Cegid allows retailers to integrate their digital catalogs into their physical stores, creating an endless aisle of products for customers to browse and purchase. Hence improving the in-store shopping experience by providing customers with a wider range of products to choose from and enabling retailers to sell more inventory.

  2. Increase sales associate productivity and enjoyment

    Empower your in-store associates with intuitive and easy-to-use apps on fixed and mobile devices across all operating systems viz. windows, android and IOS.

    i) Inventory management: Cegid’s inventory management app, lets sales associates access real-time inventory data with ease, thereby allowing them to quickly locate products, check stock levels, and manage inventory transfers between stores. This increases the efficiency of the sales process by reducing the time spent on searching for products.

    ii) Mobile POS : Cegid’s mobile POS app enables sales associates to complete transactions on the go, from anywhere in the store. The app supports numerous payment methods, including mobile payments and contactless payments, providing customers with fast and convenient checkout experience.

    iii) Clienteling: Cegid’s clienteling app allows sales associates to build stronger customer relationships by providing them with personalized recommendations, promotions, and loyalty programs by allowing them to access customer data, such as purchase history and preferences, and use it to provide a more tailored and engaging shopping experience.

    iv) Task Management: Cegid’s task management app helps sales associates to stay organized and efficiently manage their daily tasks. The app provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating and tracking tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

    v) Training and learning: Cegid’s training and learning app gives sales associates an access to range of training resources including videos, tutorials, and quizzes enabling them to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, and providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their own role.

  3. Encourage collaborations and continuous innovation

    Integrate collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams to connect store associates with HQ and facilitate the latest store innovations, like live streaming and distance selling.

    i) Real-Time Communication: With Cegid’s integration with Microsoft Teams, store associates can communicate with HQ and each other in real-time, using chat, voice and video. This enables them to share information quickly, ask questions and collaborate on projects, irrespective of their locations.

    ii) Live streaming: Cegid’s retail management system also supports the latest store innovations such as live streaming. Stores can use this system to create and manage Livestream events, showcasing new products, promotions, and other store initiatives.

    iii) Distance Selling: Cegid’s retail management system supports distance selling, enabling store associates to sell products remotely, using video conferencing and other tools. Thereby expanding the reach of the store and increasing sales, while also providing customers with a more personalized and convenient shopping experience.

    iv) Task Management: Cegid’s task management app includes collaboration features that let the store associates work together on tasks and projects. The app provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating and assigning tasks, tracking progress, and communicating with team members.

    v) Innovation Hub: Cegid’s innovation hub provides a platform for store associates to share ideas and collaborate on new initiatives. It includes tools for ideation, prototyping, and testing, enabling store associates to experiment with new ideas and brings quickly them to market.

  4. Deploy new features at a rapid, continuous pace

    Deploy new features fast and frequently thanks to the solutions CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery) model.

    i) Continuous Integration: Cegid’s retail management system includes tools and workflows for continuous integration, thereby allowing developers to integrate new code changes into the main branch of the codebase quickly and with ease. This lets the developer catch integration issues early and reducing the risk of bugs and other issues.

    ii) Automated testing: Cegid’s retail management system includes automated testing tools which ensures that new features and updates are thoroughly testes before they are developed. Automated tests can be run continuously as new code changes are integrated ensuring that issues are caught and addressed as quickly as possible.

    iii) Continuous Delivery: Cegid’s retail management system supports continuous delivery, enabling retailers to deploy new features and updates automatically and frequently. This approach reduces the time and effort required to deploy new features while also reducing the risk of errors and other issues.

    iv) DevOps Tools: Cegid’s retail management system includes variety of DevOps tools such as source control, build and deploy automation. These tools help to streamline software development process and enable retailers to deploy new features and updates with greater speed and efficiency.

    v) Agile methodologies: Cegid’s retail management system is designed to support agile methodologies, which emphasize rapid prototyping, iterative development, and continuous improvement. This approach helps retailers to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs while also reducing the risk of errors and other issues.

  5. Reduce your IT Costs (TCO)

    Frequently deploy new features at a rapid pace and simplify training so your store associates are up and running as quickly as possible, accelerating competitiveness and your speed to value.

    i) User-Friendly Interface: Cegid’s retail management system provides an intuitive and user friendly interface, making it easy for store associates to quickly learn how to use the system. This helps to accelerate the training process enabling new store associates to get up and running quickly.

    ii) Mobile Apps: Cegid’s retail management system includes mobile apps that can be used on both fixed and mobile devices across all major operating systems including windows, android and iOS enabling store associates to access the system from anywhere at anytime, increasing their productivity and responsiveness.

    iii) Cloud-based Deployment: Cegid management system is cloud-based, which means that retailers can deploy new features and updates quickly and easily. With cloud-based deployment, retailers can avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of on-premise deployment, speeding up time-to-value.

    iv) Continuous integration and delivery: Cegid’s retail management system supports continuous integration and delivery, enabling retailers to frequently deploy new features and updates. This helps retailers to stay competitive by quickly responding to changes in the market and customer needs.

    v) Built-in Training: Cegid’s retail management system includes built-in training resources, such as user guides and tutorials, that can help store associates quickly learn how to use the system which accelerates the training process and increase their productivity.

  6. Enable future Growth

    Extensible by design, the solution enables users to easily add third party solutions and integrate them to your existing retail ecosystem.

    i) Open API: Cegid’s retail management provides an open API which enables users to easily integrate third-party solutions. With an open API, users can access the underlying code of the system and develop custom integrations with other software solutions.

    ii) Partner Ecosystem: Cegid has a wide partner ecosystem, which includes partners that specialize in various areas of retail technology, such as e-commerce, point-of-sale, inventory management, etc. Users can easily add these third-party solutions to their existing ecosystems through Cegid’s partner ecosystem.

    iii) Plug and play architecture: Cegid’s retail management system is based on plug-and-play architecture which enables users to easily add new modules and functionalities. With a plug-and-play architecture, users can quickly with ease integrate new solutions into their existing retail ecosystem without disrupting their existing workflows.

    iv) Flexible configuration: Cegid’s retail management system provides flexible configuration options, which enable users to customize the system to meet their specific needs. With flexible configuration options, users can add and remove functionalities as needed, and integrate third-party solutions in a way that works best for their business.

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